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Below are programs some of our Traditionally Untraditional Representatives have experienced and recommend to others.

Study Abroad: Services


The American Institute of Foreign Study (AIFS) has an office located at Diablo Valley College as well as several other community colleges up and down California. This program partners with community colleges transporting both students and professors to foreign universities allowing students to take their community college classes in another country with guaranteed transferable credit.

The program is flexible and allows students to travel on their own time in between classes as well as optional structured tours through the duration of the trip. To find out more about AIFS and their program visit or Diablo Valley College's study abroad office.


EF College Break is a private company that has both non-academic and academic trips for college students. Las Positas College professors have partner with EF College Break to create short one to eight week study abroad trips that provide courses students can take over winter, spring, or summer break.

This study abroad option allows for a very structured tour, sightseeing, and cultural experience. Check with the EF College Break website for more details on planning your own personal leisure trip or check with Las positas college's website to browse the rotation of study abroad options supported by Las Positas College.

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Travel and Preform? you got it. Up with People takes the classroom and the stage around the world. Allowing students the ability to work with and meet others their age from around the country and around the world. 

This option takes students around the world where they preform, provided community service and live with homestay to get a full cultural experience. While abroad students will have the opportunity to take classes, develop stage management, acting, directing and communication skills with possibilities to network with established artists for internship opportunities. 

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