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Claire is majoring in Communication Disorders and Sciences with a minor in Nutrition and Food Sciences at California State University, San Jose.

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Livermore, CA.  |  Las Positas College

I had applied to a few four year colleges at the end of my senior year in high school, but chose community college because I was unsure of what path to take. I didn't know where my passions truly lay, and I was hesitant to commit to a university that I knew would put me in a lot of debt. When I found out about the cost effectiveness of community college, and the money I could save between working and affording school, choosing this route was the best option.

By joining student organizations and clubs, I was able to find people who shared my interests and could provide me with the community I desperately wanted in a college setting.

Claire Piazza: About
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My first semester at community college I took an "Introduction to the Science of Nutrition" class and a "American Sign Language I" class. Now as a transfer student at San Jose State University, I am majoring in Communication Disorders, which has a heavy scientific emphasis on how others communicate verbally and non-verbally, and minoring in Nutrition and Food Sciences.

If someone had told me at community college that my interests revolved around these subjects, I would have laughed. I went into community college as a Nursing major, and tried Marketing and Graphic Design for another semester, before finding my niche of interests. The flexibility of finishing general education while exploring different areas of study is a quality four-year universities lack.


Society presents a large stigma against the community college route; I want to help reinvent the ideology of community college. Community college isn't for everyone, but it is far from a shameful option post-high school. I want other students to know the true value of community college and know that it is a beneficial, vibrant option to continue their education.

Community college showed me what it means, and what it takes, to be both a student and an adult. I witnessed many of my friends off at other universities with more free-time than they could handle, but then staying up until midnight to cram for a midterm, unable to know the importance of time management. Community college was one of the best times of my life with the greatest memories, I learned how to balance work, school, athletics, and a social life.

I learned what my priorities were in the midst of saving money, studying, and being a student-athlete. The people I had class with, either in similar or different situations, taught me that anyone on any path of life can chase a dream.

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Many students go into community college with the idea that they will explore classes until they finally find their passion. Unfortunately, some game planning needs to be involved to successfully transfer if the hope is to obtain a four-year degree. Depending on the community college you choose, navigating the academic counseling system may be frustrating. If possible, have a few major ideas in mind while in community college to make the class scheduling and future transferring process less stressful.

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