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Marlo is majoring in Political Science at the University of California, Davis.

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Foothill High School  |  Las Positas College

I struggled with finding my passion in high school. I didn't enjoy the standard math, english, or science classes that we were required to take. Since I didn't like them I did not apply myself. I lacked the Passion. 

My dream had been to go to a University. I decided to go to a community college because I did not want to attend any of the schools I got into in high school and knew I could get into a better school through the community college pathway. My first semester I took a Political Science class and I fell in love. It was a mix of history and politics, and it was just so much fun. It wasn't a class that was required in high school, so it was something new that sparked my interest. Once I found what I wanted to study, I had a path to take and it inspired me to work as hard as I could to get into a great UC. 

Marlo Bourland: About
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Community college opened so many doors for me. I was able to find what I wanted to do with my education and participate in events, such as internships, that advanced my resume and knowledge. Attending a community college also allowed me to work while attending school. I was able to save up money and go off to a 4 year with some spending money and not have to be the traditional broke college student. Being at a community opened my eyes to new opportunities that I would have never taken otherwise. I gained friends because it was a smaller student body and there was more overlap when taking classes. The teachers also care more about students at a community college. They know you better and they want to succeed, so they are more willing to put in more time with you. Class sizes tend to be smaller, so the classes are individualized to fit the immediate needs of students. Community college allowed me to grow up and really find out who I was before moving away and going to a University.


I'm sharing my story because community college has a bad reputation and there is not enough information about it for high school students. My community college was referred to as "lost potential" by high school students and that is completely untrue. When I decided to attend a community, I was look down on by my peers and even some of my friends. High school students should get more information on their local community college and know that it is a valid option for them.

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I was able to get a fantastic education at my own pace at a community college. I didn't feel the pressure of being a new student at a 4 year as my friends did. Many of my friends would have breakdowns because they couldn't handle the stress, and some even returned to attend a community college. Going to a community college helped me grow into a responsible adult that was ready to take on the pressure of a major university.

The only major concern is making sure you have your game plan all lined up. Don't always trust counselors with requirements because sometimes they also make mistakes. Know what you're doing and double check their work.

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