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Emil is majoring in Biological Sciences at the University of California, Davis.

Emil Graversen: About


Mission San Jose High School  |  Las Positas College

I chose community college because I didn't try hard enough during high school. I struggle mostly with having the discipline to keep up with my work. Additionally, the only place I got in was a school both my family and I couldn't afford.

I went in to community college with the mindset of it being mostly for people who weren't good enough to get into a four year. But, I found that community college had a lot to offer and that my stigma against it was unfounded.

I heard from people who had come back from four year colleges say that we had better lab equipment, better teachers, and more challenging courses than they had experienced at their previous school. Overall, it has been the best choice for me. 

Emil Graversen: About
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I would recommend community college to anyone without a clear idea of what they want out of life and still need time figuring it out. Community college is a good way to explore and start your college education without the massive price tag of major university.


I was able to fulfill my lower division requirements for a fraction of the cost of a four year university. The class sizes were small which allowed me to interact with classmates and make friends. I had some of my favorite teachers during my time at my community college.

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