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Matt is majoring in Kinesiology - Rehabilitation Sciences at San Jose State University

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Washington High School | Las Positas and Chabot College

There are a few reasons why I decided to go to community college instead of a 4-year. The first being that I wasn’t able to get into the 4-year university programs that I applied for. However, even if I did get in, the university programs would have been too expensive for me to responsibly finance. At the time, I also did not know if I wanted to stay in the major that I applied for. Community college offered me the opportunity to explore more classes with relatively little risk since the tuition is so inexpensive.

In high school my biggest struggle was having to deal with al the judgement from my fellow classmates. For context, I was an honors and AP student with a 4.2 weighted GPA and people treated my decision to go to community college as blasphemous. They would be angry at my “wasted potential” or they would show me pity with how I “fell through the cracks.” 

There is a stigma against community colleges that needs to be dispelled. I went into community college to show everyone who doubted me that I could be successful despite going to community college. I graduated from community college in 2018 as the valedictorian. Never in my whole life have I felt more accomplished than I did giving a speech to my fellow peers and finally turning the tassel to mark a success.

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Matt Lee: About

“The only difference between the master and the novice is that the master has failed more times then the novice has tried.”

Stephen McCranie

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At community college I had a wonderful anatomy and physiology professor who really sparked an interest in the healthcare field. Before that, I was studying a general biology major, but then I switched to kinesiology which has a greater emphasis on human sciences and rehabilitation. In addition, I also decided to pick up a few emergency medicine classes and now I’m a nationally registered emergency medical technician.


My community college gave me so much support. In my second year I was granted a BOG-Waiver which paid for all of my tuition, so I was able to go to school for free (besides books). I also met many of my life-long friends through community college. I also had opportunities to participate in the Stanford Honors Symposium.

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Be open minded. If you’re having a hard time trying to find your major or what your passionate in, community college is a great option. Tuition is cheaper, you can get work experience while in school, would can build your network through sports or clubs. There is very little risks, so if you’re trying to find yourself community college is the place to do it.


Check out the different programs that the community college offers, many of them have their own perks and benefits, especially if you’re planning on transferring. Take a look at the school’s honors society, transfer programs, and athletics if you’re looking to maximize your college experience.

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