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Caleb is majoring in Anthropology and plans to transfer in the Fall of 2019.

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Livermore, CA | Las Positas College

I attended a four year university out of high school and I was not ready for it. I struggled mentally with the change and performed poorly academically. I decided it would be better for me to return home and start at the community college.

I realized my lack of motivation was due to my misconceptions about my originally intended major. After taking an introduction to biological anthropology class I became very interested and ended up switching my major. I ended up preforming and working harder than I had when I was at the four year studying something I had a vague interest in.

Caleb Wagner: About

"I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."

Takeshi Shudo (Mewtwo)

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Community college gave me time to develop mentally, explore my interests, and keep doing the activities I've always enjoyed. I discovered my academic passion through taking a variety of classes and I became part of a community through competition with the schools swim team.


I had a really difficult time when I left for a four year university out of high school. I let my pride influence my choice of school attendance and ended up having one of the worst years of my life. I know now community college was the right path for me and I wish I had realized that before I left that year. I would absolutely recommend to people of all ages looking for higher education opportunities to consider community college before going to a four year.

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