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MacKenzie is majoring in Nursing at North Western College.

MacKenzie Bammer: About


Amador Valley High School  |  Las Positas College

I wanted to save money and since I am a nursing major I knew how hard it was to get into programs even if you attended that school you were trying to study nursing at. I feared that I would attend a school for two years then apply to their nursing program and not get in.

Community college gave me the opportunity to explore and be apart of sports, to work and go to school, have a schedule that fit my life, participate in clubs and programs to better my future as a nurse (cadaver program- AMAZING), get scholarships to attend a 4 year, meet people in all walks of life and learn that life is not a straight path, make connections to people and programs that opened new doors that would have never happened at a 4 year university.

MacKenzie Bammer: About
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