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Michael is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Public Affairs at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Granada High School | Las Positas College

I chose to attend community college in order to save money, and the increased possibility of getting accepted into colleges that I could not be admitted into out of high school.

My grades in high school were above average and my test scores about average as well, but they were not enough to get into the top universities like University of California-LA or Berkeley. I thought that going to community college would not only allow me to keep swimming, but also allow for a start with a clean slate (where I could get the best grades possible, and try my hardest).

Another factor in my decision to go to community college was the fact that I didn’t know what to do out of high school, I wanted to keep swimming at a high level yet at the same time figure out my future career goals, and going to a junior college helped me tremendously in seeing what I truly wanted to do in life.

Michael Eckles: About

“When you’re just like everybody else, you’ve nothing to offer other than conformity”

Wayne Dyer

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I struggled with math in high school as well as test taking. Tests like the SAT and ACT were my enemies and I dreaded them. It was discouraging when I could not get as high of scores on these tests compared to my friends who then went on to go to top universities.

Going to community college allowed me to bypass these exams and take classes I was good at, and liked. 


I took a Business Law class at my community college and it really sparked my interest. Law and public policy, thereafter, have been my interests and I see my self having a career in either of them as I move through my university experience.

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Community college gave me life long friends and also helped steer me in the right direction when it came to what careers I was interested in. The community college program also gifted me with a great group of transfer students at my 4 year university that all have shared experiences, which help in networking for the future and day to day happenings


I am sharing my story to show that going to community college is not a bad idea, it does not mean you are unintelligent or unsuccessful, and that it is a little known (or societally accepted) pathway to reaching your goals - whether that be your dream university, grad school, or a certain career.

I think there’s is a big misconception that community college students are failures and choose this route for the simplicity and laziness, however everything I did in community college has prepared me better for a 4 year university than high school ever would. Community college has also helped me save money so I could one day go to graduate school.

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I would tell students to not disregard the community college route. For many people it is the right way to do college and allows for you to be better prepared for a 4 year college.

The financial aspect of community college outweighs a lot of the “drawbacks” that many people say about community college. By saving money and figuring out what you want to do with your life at the same time you can better map out your goals while simultaneously not taking out student loans for a very similar education.


I wish I knew that it is okay to be a community college student. It is widely unaccepted by many however I am proud to have taken my turn when it came to my education and finances by going to community college and eventually reaching my goal of UCLA.

Don’t let anyone dictate your future because of social pressures and conformity. Be unapologetically you, and if you decide to take the community college path and are motivated you will reach your goals and hopefully be proud and grateful at the end of it all.

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